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Five graphs that explain the EU 2030 energy and climate deal

As David Cameron prepares to join EU leaders to set new targets for emissions, energy savings and renewables, we look at the data and what it means for the UK

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Fossil fuel divestment campaign targets UCL and BHP Billiton

University College London under fire for sustainability institute funded by mining giant BHP Billiton, which faces protests at its London AGM

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Google Streetview gives glimpse of the world of Jane Goodall's chimpanzees

A sneak peek into the Gombe national park in Tanzania reveals thick forest, tall waterfalls and chimps in treetops feasting on flies

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EU climate policy being 'taken hostage' by Ukip, MEPs say

David Cameron must show courage to face down Ukip-friendly backbenchers or UK risks undermining a strong 2030 goal on saving energy, warn MEPs

Five graphs that explain the EU 2030 climate deal

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Indias largest dam given clearance but still faces flood of opposition

The 3,000MW Dibang dam, rejected twice as it would submerge vast tracts of biologically rich forests, is to get environmental clearance but huge local opposition could stall the project

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