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Two secret funders of Nigel Lawsons climate sceptic organisation revealed

Neil Record and Nigel Vinson confirm their donations, and are both linked to thinktank that took funds from oil companies

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Abbot Point port developers to ditch Great Barrier Reef seabed dumping plan

Developers are set to submit a new proposal in which dredged sediment is disposed of on land rather than at sea

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Birders flock to see exotic bee-eaters

Brightly-coloured birds, normally found in the Mediterranean, have produced eight chicks on the Isle of Wight

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Polar bear DNA from footprints in Arctic snow reveal bloody killing of seal

First of its kind CSI-style technique to gather genetic material from animals could help track plight of endangered species

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Propane made with renewable process for the first time

Scientists modify E coli genes to produce gas that can power cars and heat homes

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