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Ripping up the sea floor on behalf of royal profits

Even the pathetic laws protecting marine life in this country are instantly swept aside in response to lobbying by Prince Charless tenants

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EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030

Climate commissioner hails strong signal ahead of global Paris summit but key aspects of deal left vague or voluntary

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The week in wildlife in pictures

Germanys theatre fox, a dozing pride of lions and leaping salmon are among this weeks best images from the natural world

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Illegal foragers are stripping UK forests of fungi

Gangs commercially picking edible fungi to sell to restaurants and markets are leaving a trail of destruction across ancient woodlands, such as Epping and New Forest

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Google Streetview gives glimpse of the world of Jane Goodall's chimpanzees

A sneak peek into the Gombe national park in Tanzania reveals thick forest, tall waterfalls and chimps in treetops feasting on flies

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