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How much illegal timber gets into the UK?

Are UK consumers still buying protected rainforest timbers? With your help, Karl Mathiesen investigates how much contraband timber finds its way into the country.

Let us know your thoughts. Post in the comments below, email karl.mathiesen.freelance@theguardian.com or tweet @karlmathiesen

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Species named after Sir David Attenborough - in pictures

A 20 million-year-old grasshopper trapped in amber is the latest species to be named after the natural history broadcaster. From spiders to shrimps, here are some other species carrying his name

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Boris Johnson defends London's record on air pollution

Like comparing apples with cucumbers to put London in same category as capitals such as Beijing, mayors adviser says

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Green groups too white and too male compared to other sectors report

Survey of 300 US environmental groups show lower percentage of jobs held by ethnic minorities than in science and engineering

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Secret language of penguins decoded
Six distinctive calls made by African or 'jackass' penguins express the birds' ecstasy, love, hunger, anger and loneliness Continue reading...
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